Bachelor of science (B.S.) ENGINEERING AT bsu

Teaching students at BSU has only encouraged me to keep opening doors and building bridges for new worlds possible” 

Being part of a team building the first Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Engineering program in the State University system in Massachusetts has a deep meaning. It brings into a concrete plan not only my passion for light and light enabled technologies, but also the responsibility I feel I have with society, that is to enable access to this technologies.  I have learn during the last two years that many of our students, who are from working class families and are first generation students, would not have access to this kind of studies and materials neither to these professional vocations. 


BSU and MIT join forces for photonics “bootcamp”

Photonics uses particles of light called photons to improve technology. The ensuing devices offer advantages over conventional electronics including increased bandwidth, more energy efficiency and less excess heat. Applications span a host of industries from telecommunications to automotive to gaming.

photonics and optics recognition and related awards.

2018 Award: MIT Office of Naval Research Grant subcontract for Photonics technician training program: $200000.

2019 Award: M2I2 MA capital equipment Grant establishes [email protected] for Photonics and Optics-based cutting-edge equipment to support industry and research collaborations toward additional work force development: $1400000. 

Photonics and Optical Engineering at BSU

Twenty years towards Photonics and Optics at BSU.

“Logical extension of Physic’s research, program development and student success”.

“Established organically as a workforce engine for photonics and optical related start-up and SMEs in MA”.

“Engineers, physicists, technicians and, as always, the best K-12 teachers (who now know and can teach their students photonics and quantum optics”.

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