Bootcamp MIT BSU Spring 2022

Our goal is to provide spaces and tools where students from different careers can expand their knowdledge about physics, photonics and optical engineering.

“We had students from MIT and BSU working closely together to build the curriculum for the bootcamp and decide what experiments to do and what tools were used.“
“I think it's good to learn from experts in the field and see all the capabilities they have. Our company is a startup company, so we’re still learning.”
“Bringing industry representatives to campus helps them see what BSU students learn. They know they can rely on our students.“
Dr. Samuel Serna
Assistant professor of physics, photonics and optical engineering.
“A really good opportunity to get into a developing field for engineering. It’s been a great experience.”
“I did not think I’d be doing that my first year at Bridgewater. I didn’t think I’d be getting involved in research and labs so quickly.”

We have all the tools and knowledge that you need to carry out and bring to life all innovate ideas that you have o want to develop, just let us help up to make it real!!

Photonics HS workshop 2022

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